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Welcome to Wikifab translation community!

Hi Everyone!

Many of you sent us a mail to help translating the Wikifab platform. That is why, we built this website that contains all translations of the platform.

You can help to translate Wikifab into your language. Even 30 minutes of your time as a native speaker can make a huge impact.

Hope we could open new translated websites soon.

Thank you for your help !

Pierre & Clément

How to become a translator?

You can start translating Wikifab today!

  1. Create an account
  2. Wait for your account to be approved (we generally get back to you in less than 24 hours)
  3. Pick an extension in the list below
  4. Choose a language you know
  5. Start translating

You can also check this video (2min) to learn how to translate Wikifab.

We promise to release a version of Wikifab in your language ASAP.

PS: If you already have an account on any other website, you still need to create a new account here.

Choose a Wikifab extension to translate

Community news

  • Mars 3th: User:Lucamar has translated 100% of the strings in Italian