2005 Top TEN movies

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Fantasy เทพนิยาย

2005 Top T.E.N Films

Honourable mention: The War of the Worlds
Could have made the list of not for the horrible ending, this movie demonstrates the awesomeness of alien creatures such as never before. Spielberg fused old-style film monsters with the latest special effects to give you a visually spectacular version of the War of the Worlds. Although this film was breathtaking at the start and middle, it's ending left a lot to be desired, unlike the TOP T.E.N we've selected for 2005's Best T.E.N!
10 - Sin City
This picture was as daring as it was daring. Shot completely behind a green screen, most of the movies characters worked really well together to produce some of the most dramatic, incredible scenes. Watching this movie brought back that comic book feeling that you used to own when you brought your characters to life on mind.
9 - Batman Begins
DC has come back with a vengeance not seen since Richard Pryor stole those pennies in Superman III. Batman starts the conflict anew between Marvel and DC for superhero supremacy. The battle lines have been drawn from movie since they were in the comics, with Marvel going for flash and actions, whilst DC opting for greater detail and battle. Bruce Wayne is superbly played by Christian Bale who knows how to play dark (watch The Machinist). Although I believe that Katie Holmes actually detracted from the movie, you get a sense that large things are in store for our caped crusader.
8 - Wedding Crashers
This is the movie that for the remainder of the year, the rest of the comedies tried to compare itself . I loved Vince Vaugn who, as a character role, has experienced a hit or miss type of livelihood. He does it this time since he matches up with Owen Wilson to provide a performance reminiscent of Swingers (the all-time sensitive guy movie). Christopher Walken was also a great addition to the cast, as the stodgy old father. A definite must see.
7 - King Kong
How good is a film where the title character just shows up an hour and the rest of the characters are one dimensional? Beneath Peter Jackson, the master of all things fantasy, this film was simply unbelievable.
6 -- Serenity
Science fiction is all about new worlds, and fresh ideas. Here's a movie that fused some of the old west frontier city with space ships and kung-fu. May sound crazy but it all works well together. The main characters are only a bunch of smugglers that are being chased by a government special assassin, because among their former stowaway's could have top secret information locked within her brain. Considering that the success of this film after the cancelled television show, contrast to Star Trek was unavoidable. We expect this one becomes a new franchise .
5 - Skeleton Key
Can not have a movie nowadays made in New Orleans with no being some voodoo. Seems like the majority of the people down there either practise it, or keep away from it from the simple truth that they believe in it. Can you think?

Very hard to best the first movie for this type of movie. Most of the suspense came from the not knowing and never having seen occasions such as what transpired in the first movie. This newest variant weaves a slightly more complex tale that involve a father and son with a finish that is guaranteed to keep you talking after the movie has finished.
3 - Million Dollar Baby
Hillary Swank surrounded by two much older guys. Not my idea of exiting. But this film does a great job in getting emotion out of the crowd. You feel determined as she was to be something, as mad as she should have been toward her family, and the fondness she felt for her old trainer. This movie is packed full of emotion, so it's what a movie should be.
2 - Hotel Rwanda
This is a story that had to be told. A catastrophe so dreadful that it is message needed to came out so as to help prevent those events from happening again. We look at these people, all people black or white, as simple Africans living in the dirt. This film made them individual, made us weep and suffer together for their own plight.
1 - Crash
This movie wasn't only among the best of 2005, but one of the all-time classic movies of its time. Taking a European slant with penalizing weaving different stories and characters until they came together a various points close to the end, every scene, every section is worth watching, worth commenting on. Every action, no matter how insignificant, has a bearing on some future event. This movie ought to be a part of any group you have, or is your reason to begin one.